Capitalizing on the AI Revolution

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In the next decade, 11 trillion dollars of economic value will be created by AI. Most of this will go to frontrunners in each industry, so it's important to be one of them.

Here’s what you need to understand to transform your business into an AI-first business. Much more can be found in Andrew Ng's “AI for Everyone”, which I summarize below.

AI Looks Nothing like the Terminator

Firstly, AI today looks nothing like terminator scenarios. That type of AI is called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and very little progress has been made on it.

Instead, when we say ‘AI’, we refer to Artificial Narrow Intelligence…

Character improvement is the only real kind of value. It survives the ups and downs of life, and makes everyone's better.

The essence of Deep Learning

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Note: This piece provides an independent overview, but also serves as a continuation of our part 1 and part 2 on this topic. Enjoy — and more to come!

Neural networks are at the heart of the AI revolution because they perform better than traditional methods given enough data. That’s it.

As our computational power increases and data grows rapidly, Neural Networks increasingly outperform traditional modes of computing.

The difference here, between machine learning and more traditional computer science, is that it is an area where we teach computers by showing them things, rather than telling them how to do…

Shekhar Dewan

Data Scientist | Meditator

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